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About us

When we recently prepared a dish with our new Thermomix®, we came up with an idea that has certainly already had countless people before us: How about we create a food blog? A food blog that focuses exclusively on recipes from our new favourite kitchen appliance, the Thermomix®.

What was only a vague idea developed into a real topic in our discussions over the following weeks. The advantages and disadvantages, the feasibility of the whole thing, the opportunities in the highly competitive food blogger market and much more were discussed.

In the end we decided to try it. The basic prerequisite for starting a food blog was definitely given to us. My girlfriend is a passionate cook and I know a bit about computers – and I like to eat. 😉

Now I’ve written so much and still haven’t told you who we are.

Who we are: My girlfriend Denise and me, Marco – 25 and 27 years old.

Denise mainly takes care of recipe development and implementation, writing the recipe texts and managing the Facebook and Instagram accounts.

My main areas of work are all technical issues around our blog, formatting and publishing the recipe texts, image editing and managing the Pinterest account.

Of course, our fields of work often overlap, which is normal and necessary for a joint project.

That should be enough information about us for the beginning.

We wish you a lot of fun on our Thermomix® blog!